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Malibu Cutesy Charm Stretch Bracelets

For you guys who really love bracelet especially with colourful and cute charms, I think you will love this bracelet from ACCESSORIZE. It comes with 3 different types from simple one to the fancy one. Altough it’s a little bit expensive but I think it’s worth it because the bracelet is made of various composition and also it’s cute too!

Here are the bracelet that I bought

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ビニールリュック (GRY)


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can’t wait for christmas!

can’t wait for christmas!

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Fantasia, The Pastoral Symphony (1940)


Fantasia, The Pastoral Symphony (1940)

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Christmas with Molang

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Grave of the Fireflies (1988), dir. Isao Takahata

I’m crying while watching this

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Guess what guys, finally I got my EXO album!! so excited to got that, but unfortunately I got Suho photo card and I really want to get Baekhyun :( maybe anyone wants to trade with me?? Okay, back to the review, actually the concept of the album is really really good but when I see the cover of the album I’m a little bit disappointed because all is white and you know white is easily to get dirty, so I’m not gonna open the album really often because it will make dirtier. But I really love it, the tracklist also a lot, so I think it’s worth to buy the album and I really love 나비소녀 (Don’t Go) song ;) If you guys wants to buy the album, you won’t regret. If you want me to make video review about this album on youtube you can ask me..

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